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Why SkeduleX

SkeduleX is a preferred solution for managing Assessment Centres, Healthcare Clinics, Case Management Centres and Community Clinics. SkeduleX optimizes inputs, reduces cost, and improves efficiency and performance. SkeduleX lets you focus on delivering superb customer service!

  • Login and work from any location
  • Enjoy the benefits of a connected, integrated and innovative Case and Practice Management Solution.
  • Supported by a team of experienced and friendly Team-players

Work Anywhere, Anytime


SkeduleX is connected -With an internet connection, you can work from home or a remote office. You have 24×7 secure access to SkeduleX from any location. Enjoy cost- savings, efficiencies and flexibilities that cannot be matched by in-house systems.


Each installation is guaranteed with a 99.9% uptime commitment. We offer three levels of live service from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.: Telephone assistance, internet-based assistance and on-site assistance. SkeduleX is backed by our corporate commitment to customer service.


Integration leads to efficiency. SkeduleX leads the way in software integration for assessment and treatment centres. Key integration includes HCAI, QuickBooks, Secure File Transfer MS Office, SMS and text-to-voice notifications, TELUS Health, Assessor Portal.


As your business grows, SkeduleX grows with it. Our scalable approach makes our product affordable to small and large centres alike.  Grow your technology as your business grows!  Pay only for what you need!


No two companies are the same. SkeduleX works with many different sectors, workflows and service processes. Whatever your requirements are, we can build a system that fits your needs and your budget. For instance, in a multi-location operation, you may choose to centralize some administrative functions (billing, scheduling and HCAI) for greater operational efficiency.

Ease of Use


SkeduleX features a modern, user-friendly Ribbon concept with tabs and buttons. Screens are clean and easy to navigate; browsing is simple and finding and inputting information is easy. Screen searches help you to find information quickly and easily.


The program features several dashboards which organize and groups information for easy access and use. I.e. Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Case Contacts, etc.

Drill down

Drill down allows you to navigate to any part of your client file from your calendar or any dashboard with a single click. I.e. use the drill down option to complete any task in your client file without leaving your calendar.

Single entry information

SkeduleX is designed for single entry of information. This approach delivers greater accuracy and efficiency.


As a user you may customize your Grid screens or Dashboards. Such customization allows you to keep your screens less cluttered and focus on what is important to you. Reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Industry Leadership

We apply a range of industry best-practices to ensure a strong electronic health record. We avoid data duplication, ensure privacy and security of personal health information.

SkeduleX is a technological leader. We were the first to introduce a number of new technology to the industry. Here are a few first: A fully hosted solution; add Business Intelligence; add Data Warehousing; fully customizable; Integrated File Transfer integrate accounting; Microsoft Certified Partner.

Integration leads to efficiency. SkeduleX leads the way in software integration for assessment and treatment centres. Key integration includes HCAI, QuickBooks, Secure File Transfer MS Office, SMS and text-to-voice notifications, TELUS Health, Assessor Portal.

SkeduleX is built for PHI security. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.We provide a secure login using 2048 encryption and 3DES encryption for documents stored on our system. File access is based on user-rights. Our System is hosted at a Tier 3 data centre, backed up daily and provides for off-site disaster recovery.

SkeduleX is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We leverage our partnership to bring you the best-of-breed in technology, training and support.

SkeduleX features a ‘Privacy by Design” approach. It has a very strong focus on Privacy and is PIPEDA and PHIPA compliant.


Exceptional Services

We value your time

Our approach shares valuable industry lessons and systems that are proven. We make your transition easy and put you in control of your new system.

Live support

Call our Help Desk and speak with a real support person. We have a track record of revolving more than 90% of the queries on the first call and 95% on the same day.

Data Migration

We provide data migration service at different levels. This service allows you to move to transition to SkeduleX easily with continuous record keeping. Ask us how we can help you!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

SkeduleX is automatically backed up daily. Additionally, an off-site backup is secured for disaster recovery. Additional back-up options are available.

Setup and Training and Support

Many enthusiastic clinic owners and managers invest long hours, weeks and, in some cases, months on trial versions of software that were not setup for their operation. Not so with SkeduleX. Setup, Training and Support are included with your software. We setup your system according to your workflow needs and plans for growth.

Configuration and Setup

We configure and setup each new installation in accordance with the workflow requirements and business practices.


Our support staff are experienced in HCAI and provide on-going support to clients. In addition to plans and invoices, we provide assistance with plan balances, export of HCAI files, Reports and Summaries.